Beatriz Da Costa: “Dying for the Other”

This week’s material focuses on art and technology and how they engage in the world of medicine. One artist from lecture that particularly stood out to me was Beatriz Da Costa. Da Costa was an artist and researcher whose work blended the fields of science, engineering, and contemporary art as a way to explore interspecies relations in urban settings. Her work took many forms including installations, sculpture, photography, performance plus many more. She even experimented with biological materials and organisms. The work that I will be exploring in my case study today is called “Dying for the Other,” which was presented as a 3 channel video installation in which she documented her life as she battled breast cancer. The videos project clips of De Costa as she receives physical and cognitive therapy after receiving brain surgery to remove tumors that had spread form her breast to her brain. These clips are interspersed with video segments of lab rats that are being used in cancer treatment experiments.

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