Katharina Mouratidi

For the series Breast Cancer I portrayed 22 women, all of whom I found through the placement of short advertisements in Berlin newspapers. I did not select them, but accepted them in the sequence of their phone calls so as to give all women interested the possibility of participation, independent of their physical state or health. Thus emerged photographs of women between the ages of 25 and 63. They had had surgery, had had a mastectomy, a breast „rebuilt“, or not, and wore a prothesis, or again, not.

All the photographs were taken in close co-operation with the women portrayed. My intention was to photograph them as they wanted to present themselves in front of the camera and in public. There were no special rules to observe in the studio; the participants only had the responsibility to pose according to their own interpretations and in the way they would like to be represented, as women in our society affected by breast cancer.

The pictures were taken with a 4 x 5 Inch format camera.

Some of the images were shown in the series Breast Cancer Placards in 90 metro stations all over Berlin, or have been used in the Breast Cancer Demonstrations.

Fuente: http://www.dieandereglobalisierung.de/en/portfolio-breastcancer_text.html

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