Legacy of Wisdom: Anna Halprin

The Legacy of Wisdom projects focuses on Wisdom as a central theme of life and aging. As such, the non-profit project tries to touch upon many issues common to an aging generation – no matter what age you are now!

Anna Halprin’s diverse career has spanned the field of dance since the late 1930s, creating revolutionary directions for the art form and inspiring fellow choreographers to take modern dance to new dimensions. James Roose – Evans author of “Experimental Theatre” called Anna one of the most important theatre artists of the 20th century.

Halprin is an early pioneer in the expressive arts healing movement. She has led countless collaborative dance programs with terminally ill patients, long committed to a belief in the connection between movement and the healing power of dance.

Anna continues to perform, travel and teach with fervor. Anna gets the most out of her life, living by her adage “Aging is like enlightenment at gunpoint”.

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