The Cute Side of Cancer? A New Exhibition by Lu Yang

Exploring the point where sugary anime cuteness meets cancer and death at Lu Yang’s new mixed-media exhibit in an old lanehouse.
By Ian L. MAY 9, 2014 ARTS

Someone has probably said you’re going to get cancer from living in Shanghai. This always leads me to thoughts like «what if I die while my parents are still alive?» and «that sounds really terrible and expensive.» And I cope by drinking more carrot juice and saying, well, I won’t be here forever. But this is all mortality and fear. Issues in my mind. I don’t ever confront the raw, biological side of cancer – the cells, the lymph nodes, the compromised organs. That’s precisely what Shanghainese artist Lu Yang throws at us in her new exhibit «KIMOKAWA CANCER BABY» at Ren Space, going on between now and June 11.


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